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Episode 3 - Another Fine Myth or We All Love Gleep

  For a nice change of pace after the previous tragedy that was The Celestine Prophecy, we decided to do a light-hearted fantasy called Another Fine Myth by Robert Aspirin. The score definitely reflects the change of pace.
Next week, Terminal Man by Michael Crichton.

Episode 2 - The Celestine Prophecy or The Celestine Fallacy

  The Blurry Dude rants about The Celestine Prophecy--a lot. So much, in fact, that there may end up being a separate video down the road that addresses each point--and more--in much greater detail. Next week, Another Fine Myth by Robert Lynn Aspirin, we expect it will be much nicer.

Episode 1 - Anna Karenina or The Girl Who Stole My Heart And Delayed My Train

  For our first episode--our test episode, really--we chose Anna Karenina. The series started with us treating this more as a book club, and less as a show. Then, The Celestine Prophecy was suggested as the second book. In our upcoming episode, you'll see just what we mean as we make the leap into book review show...

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