R.E.S.P.E.C.T.  Scoring Guidelines

    Each episode the League Readers will score books based on the below guidelines. The scores will be posted weekly after the show review.  Each category will be scored one to ten, one being absolute zero and ten being infinitely best. 

Readability - One: xtrmly dfcult....Ten: easy to read
Editorial - One: glaring grammer issues.....Ten: no noticeable grammer issues
Story - One: flat/missing elements....Ten: all 5 elements (exposition to dénouement)
Pace - One: struggling to stay awake...Ten: Never put the book down
Entertainment - One: Henrik Ibsen...Ten: Allan Quartermain saving Sherlock from Sauron
Characters - One: completely strangers.......Ten: lived across the street my entire life
Total - Total of the averages for each category

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