Welcome to the League of Extraordinary Readers. Our founding members wanted to create a small--yet reaching--group of readers to start finding books; we primarily wanted to cure everyone's reader's block.

  The founding members are Karen Kline, David Linke, and Marie Lanni.

  Karen Kline is a wife, a mother, and most especially; an avid reader. Karen's genres of choice include science fiction, fantasy, young adult, and historical fiction or non-fiction. When she finds the time between homeschooling her youngest son and managing a household with teenagers and an absent-minded, eccentric Renaissance husband, she enjoys authors like Orson Scott Card, Robert Jordan, J. K. Rowling, C. S. Lewis, or Shel Silverstein.

  David Linke is a husband, a father, and a writer. David has always been a diehard fan of all things fiction from authors like Arther C. Clark or Douglas Adams, to Sir Arther Conan Doyle. David also enjoys writers like Robert Jordan or Terry Brooks. David's primary priority list is love, work, read, write. He also happens to manage the site/blog and hates writing about himself in the third person.

  Marie Lanni is a mother, a reader, a writer, and an artist. If she isn't working on her gardens, managing the upbringing of a teenage girl, or creating something artistic from whatever might be in her reach, she's reading. Her favorites list ranges from Douglas Adams to Frank Herbert; from Stephen King to Robert Lynn Asprin. 

  One reason we decided, as a group, to not only meet with each other but to invite others to watch as our core group grows and reads. We want to inspire other people not only to read but to read critically and have variety in their reading without going so far off the range that it shocks them. When you're looking for a good book you can always turn to a review; this is just a more precise review, created by the relative experience and synchronous growth of like-minded--but very different--readers.

  Anyone can participate through the comments, but we will remove anything derogatory or offensive. We respect all writers for the effort it takes to put their work out in the world. We are looking for a story--engaging and entertaining.

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