If you have written a book and would like the League to review it, please feel free to submit a copy. We won’t guarantee that we will review the book, but will notify you if we decide to include your book on our show. Once we have read your book and determined our rating, we will contact you about your review at which point you can decline or accept. Please be aware that we will be totally honest--at times, brutally. If you decline your review, we simply won't mention your book at all.

The following are the submission guidelines:

We are fairly open to almost any books; however, there are a few genres that we will not review; they are as follows:
  1. Romance / Erotica
  2. Self-help
  3. Religious
  4. Gruesome / Gory
  5. Poetry (Excepting Shel Silverstein)

All submissions must be in electronic format (.pdf or .mobi). The maximum word count is 120,000 (though we may make some rare exceptions).

Please message us on Facebook or email to submit.

We will contact you to confirm we've received your submission, though the review may take several weeks. If you approve the review, we will discuss your book and review score on the show and also put a short review on the site for you to link to or copy. We will also include your book's purchase link if you provide it.

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